My camel’s back is broken

I hate politics because they produce nothing, accomplish very little good, and waste an awful lot of time and money in the process. Add on to that it makes us hateful when nothing else in our ecosystem would cause us to say such blatantly inappropriate things to friends and people we don’t know. We have got to get some adults in Washington before we are everyone else’s North Korea. Our POTUS is not going to recertify the Iran nuclear deal because he is an expert on nuclear energy, uranium enrichment, or some other solid factual scientific basis? No, because his ego tells him he can make a better deal than our last president who had some of the best scientific and diplomatic minds around working on this deal with most of the rest of the world. I am not arguing that it is a good or bad deal, but how are we going to have any impact when the rest of the world, including our allies are going to, likely, stick to the terms of the deal. This means any sanction we impose can be undone through dealings with multiple other countries. So we have Iran in a deal for the time being and we are taking our eye off the NK ball.

The same is true of the EO’s he signed yesterday to partially dismantle the Affordable Care Act. It (ACA) is one of the worst pieces of legislation we have ever been party to and is causing more hardship for many families than it is solving and is only going to get worse next year. I don’t know the answer, but that is what we elect congress people for. What will work the best for all Americans and with all of the money they spend on capitol hill, they can not reach an agreement that even comes close to doing so.

Am I the only person who wonders why Facebook’s, along with instagram, whats app, etc… stock and monthly users continue to rise, but our President’s favorite source of communication is stuck on the same level of avg. monthly users? If he started using instagram instead, I would really like to see what would happen to those figures. He just said, and I am watching, that the Iran deal was the worst deal ever made by our country. Hasn’t he claimed the same about NAFTA, The United Nations, NATO, and others fall into that same qualification? I am surprised he has not attempted to undo our deal for Manhattan and the Louisiana Purchase; surely he could have extracted more for the US under these deals. Congress could put an end to this, but they are too indebted to special interest groups and political party. Many of the changes being made by executive order, including those under the last administration, could have been headed off and avoided if congress would do what is right as opposed to what is expedient or “kicking the can down the road”. If our current president continues to stoke the fires of international conflict, they can and should remove him from the process.

As I said, I hate politics and what it has wrought to a country where after our recent spate of regional disasters the people of this country jump in to help their neighbor. That is who we are and there is nothing that comes out of DC that would make someone from another planet, and probably our own world, think we are at constant conflict with our neighbors. I am not a very smart person, but I could choose a group of reasonable people from medicine, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, nurses (especially) and if everyone were only interested in the final outcome being positive for the US, no lobbyists involved, no democrats or republicans involved put together a plan far superior to what we are living with today. And I don’t mean me specifically, but any of several people who have had a lot of interaction with the current system and are just reasonably educated, but mostly open minded.

Well, I got that out of the way for a while.


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